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Looking for a Home to Escape to? Luxury Magazine Says The Ford is the Place

The Ford Field & River Club makes headlines in Luxury Magazine’s Summer issue, featuring the publication’s annual Home Guide. In a story titled “Forever Homes,” writer Irene Rawlings speaks to the allure affluent buyers have for a forever ‘escape home’ and the trending shift toward making one’s summer home in the country a primary home base.

Rawlings recommends The Ford for families seeking the “less stressful, more relaxing pace of life offered by living in the [low]country.” She adds: “[The Ford] offer[s] both adventure and culture, giving homeowners the option of not having to choose so starkly between the excitement of the city and the restorative powers of nature.”

Speaking on the many amenities at The Ford, Rawlings mentions: “Of course, bring your horse. The Equestrian Center is a full-service boarding facility set across seven lush acres. Kids’ programs include day camp, trail rides, expert-led archery, shooting tutorials, supervised fishing excursions plus golf, tennis, and pickleball clinics.”

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